[UN Environment: Free course] From Source to Sea to Sustainability
From:UN Environment Author:UN Environment, Environmental   Time:2018-03-01 

UN Environment would like to share a free yet valuable course with you.

This course is about wastewater and nutrient pollution on our marine environment, called “From Source to Sea to Sustainability”

Land-based sources of pollution have a major impact on planetary health and on the ocean. Growing populations, increasingly intensive and large-scale agriculture and booming urbanization often result in more wastewater discharged into rivers, lakes and oceans and nutrient runoff to waterways.

In this free course, starting now, learn about the scientific, economic, political, and social issues around wastewater and nutrient pollution, as well as existing solutions and technologies for turning waste into resources. This course offers two different opportunities for interactive learning: a 40 hour foundations track offering an inspiring overview; and an advanced certificate for more in-depth knowledge.

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