Chiba University Wins the GUPES Green Gown Awards
From:Minseo Ju Online and Digital Learning Specialist, Environmental Education and Training Unit, UN Env Author:unep-iesd  Time:2018-03-20 




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UN Environment and the Global Universities Partnership on Environment andSustainability are pleased to announce Chiba University in Japan as this year’sGUPES Green Gown Awards Winner. 

Chiba University, won for its pioneering Student Committee-ledachievement of international Environmental and Energy Management Systems. ChibaUniversity is the only university to have acquired both ISO14001 (2005) andISO50001 (2013) in Japan and it’s all the more remarkable that this wasachieved by student leadership. In order to effectively operate the systems,since 2003, the Student Committee has had a core role in making drafts ofenvironmental objectives and plans for the University, spreading knowledge instudents’ guidance and staff meetings, serving as internal auditors of thefaculties, and editing environmental reports. In addition, the students carryout various activities such as a used book market, making posters, holding ecoclasses for young children, making community gardens and much more. From thestudents’ view, operating the management systems gives them great opportunitiesto learn about environmental problems and practical business affairs. 

On their achievement, Professor Haruaki Nakaya,Vice President for Planning and Personnel Affairs says, “As a manager of theUniversity I highly value this project not only for its substantial effects,such as reducing environmental burdens and expenses of the university but alsofor effectiveness demonstrated on the educational side which is the main job ofa university.” 


A collective of 5 universities in Switzerlandwon the 
Highly Commended Award for the Sustainability Week Zurich. The Sustainability Week Zurich (SWZ) is thelargest student run sustainability project in Switzerland. Over the past fiveyears over 300 students from 5 universities and 10 campuses in Zurich haveorganised over 160 events, attracting over 15,000 visitors. This innovative approachincludes the 5 main universities in Zurich: Swiss Federal Institute ofTechnology Zurich (ETHZ), University of Zurich (UZH), Zurich University ofTeacher Education (PHZH), Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), and ZurichUniversity of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). 

So far, the SWZ has directly contributed to thecreation of a sustainability delegate position at the University of Zurich(UZH) and prompted the Vice-Chancellor to allocate funds for a sustainabilityreport. Furthermore, it has helped initiate discussions about reducinguniversity airplane emissions. 
On their achievement, Michael Hengartner,President, University of Zurich says "Weare proud to support the efforts of our students to bring more sustainabilityto Swiss universities and to their communities. This prize will honour theirsuccessful volunteer engagement and strong commitment to a more sustainable andjust future." 
The GUPES Green Gown Awards is a jointinitiative supported by UN Environment and the Environmental Association forUniversities and Colleges (EAUC) that expands the Green Gown Awards furtheracross the globe with an emphasis on recognising and sharing successes forsustainability. This exciting partnership with the Global UniversitiesPartnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES) positions universitiesand colleges as leaders in sustainability as well as enabling them to continuetheir learning from global leaders. The GUPES Green Gown Awards were open toGUPES Members across 6 regions (Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, LatinAmerica and the Caribbean, North America and West Asia). The GUPES Green GownAward Winner from each of the regions will automatically be entered into theInternational Green Gown Awards contest. The International Green Gown Awards Ceremonytakes place on 16 May 2018 in Marseille, France at the Kedge Business Schooland GRLI “Global Responsibility Now” event. 

Monika MacDevette, Deputy Director, EcosystemsDivision, UN Environment explains that, “Universities area rich source of innovation, commitment and passion for a sustainable future ofpeople and planet in harmony. The GUPES Green Gown Awards showcase this andprovide a source of inspiration and can-do spirit that the UN EnvironmentProgramme applauds and celebrates.” 

The education sector is a critical player inensuring that future generations are equipped with the skills and experiencerequired to provide a sustainable future. The GUPES Green Gown Awards celebratethose that are taking the bold steps necessary to develop resilience andadaptability and to showcase the education sector’s contribution to society. 

Iain Patton, CEO, EAUC said, 
“All around the world universities are beacons of hope for a moresustainable future. The GUPES Green Gown Awards recognise and celebrate thepowerful contribution of university staff and students and most importantly letus learn and benefit from their excellence.” 

The Awards help to achieve UN EnvironmentAssembly Resolution “investing in human capacity for sustainabledevelopment through environmental education and training”, theAgenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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The GUPES Green Gown Awards and theInternational Green Gown Awards are administered by the 
EnvironmentalAssociation for Universities and Colleges (EAUC). 

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